ID is going digital...

MyVenue for Clubs is the very latest in access management software. It lets people enter age restricted premises by showing their ID on their smartphones.

See your customers ID on their smartphone.

Your link to a simple ID verification system. Customers prove their age by scanning the Reader with their smartphone, using the free Yoti app. The Reader instantly confirms whether the visitor satisfies your entry requirements, and the data is also sent to your MyVenue dashboard.

View guest details in a user friendly interface. You’ll have access to a digital log of admissions, letting you know who was in your venue and when.

At a glance, see which of your venues is the most popular and add other people to help you manage your MyVenue account.

Easily add customers to a behaviour watchlist so you can keep an eye out for unwelcome guests. Watchlist allows you to easily change offence durations and remove people from the list.

Up front cost for MyVenue Software + Reader


Cost in 2017


Cost in 2018

£49.99 per month

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